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Minnesota Mineral Club

The Minnesota Mineral club is a great resource for rockhounds. The club meets monthly fall through spring at the Falcon Heights, MN City Hall. At the meetings many experienced people in geology, lapidary and other rockhound related fields hold presentations on various topics. Field trips are organized for members to visit mines to harvest minerals.

Berg's Rock Shop

Bob Berg runs a great Rock shop in Prescott, WI. Bob has been in business a very long time and is very knowledgeable on many geological and lapidary topics. His shop features many finished pieces of jewelry, cabochons, lapidary tools, and supplies. Bob has a huge selection of rough stone, and cut slabs, many of which were mined long ago.

TaoGem Gemstones

George at TaoGem runs a fascinating site which has his blog and forum which includes many members who are very knowledgeable in the lapidary arts and in smithing jewelry. He also runs an online store at TaoGem Gemstones store at zencart, which I highly recommend.

ZRS Fossils and Gifts

John and his crew at ZRS Fossils have a great variety of high quality fossils, gemstones and jewelry. They also offer field trips and classes on the lapidary arts.

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Rare Rocks & Gems

Phillip at Rare Rocks & Gems, frequently offers great "Anti-Sniper" auctions. Items in these auctions are mainly high quality Morrisonite and agate rough, slabs and cabochons. If you want to get in on the action you need to be fast many of the items sell immediately. Phillip ships your item just as fast, highly recommended! The site also has a great gallery of spectacular Morrisonite specimens, check it out!

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